"Remember this 'Money!'
This was left behind by Horthy fascism.

In 1946:1 month salary = 200 dkg pengo = 1 kg cherries.
The Communists created good money!

Average earnings:
In 1947:
A conductor 278 forint = 163.5 liter milk = 24 kg sugar
A driver 363 forint = 213.5 liter milk = 31 kg sugar
A skilled worker 466 forint = 274 liter milk - 40 kg sugar

A conductor 501 forint = 334 liter milk = 83.5 kg sugar
A driver 550 forint = 366 liter milk = 91.6 kg sugar
A skilled worker 602 forint = 401 liter milk = 100 kg sugar

The old owners of the BSzKRT deducted tax, old age pension and health insurance from your salary.
Today you don't have to pay for them!
The five-year economic plan has raised your living standard 150% in comparison to before the war.
Vote for the five-year economic plans and for peace!
Vote for the MDP, the leaders of the people's movement!

Admiral Miklos Horthy (1868-1946) was the wartime Regent of Hungary from 1920 to 1944.
"BSzKRT" was the Budapest Street Car Corporation, a privately owned company before the war. It was nationalized by the government after the war and this leaflet is meant to convey the great strides in salary and benefits that the Communist Party can provide for workers.